Dixie makes a fatal mistake

Dixie’s unhappy when a call-out she’s forced to attend during her break, appears to be a hoax. She then argues with ambulance controller Louise that it’s not safe for them to work continuously with no breaks.

Later, a group of youngsters plan a revenge attack on a drug dealer but their scheme goes horribly wrong. Louise tells Dixie about the resulting emergency situation, but she refuses to go as she’s on a break.

As the victims are brought in, however, Dixie’s horrified to learn that one patient has paid the ultimate price…

Elsewhere, Dylan comes face to face with a scared little girl, Esther, who tells him that she doesn’t want to die. He does a cursory examination and then runs some tests to be sure. Esther’s mum, Saskia, reacts badly to Dylan and he has no idea what he’s done to upset a woman he’s never met before.

Later, Saskia lets rip at Dylan for being a drunk – he almost killed her and she would have sued, but he ran away.

Dylan comes clean with Zoe: he remembers Saskia and what happened the last time they met. He met her and discovered that she was drinking before an operation, and, to teach her lesson, he decided to have one, too. Technically, he was off shift, but the result was that he got suspended and all his cases were reviewed. After a three-day bender, he got clean and hasn’t drunk since…