Dixie risks her career for young patient, Leo

Paramedic Dixie has developed a soft spot for young patient Leo, who’s recovering at Holby from last week’s motorbike accident. When she learns his mum has cancer and is in a hospice with little time left, Dixie pulls out all the stops to take Leo to see her one last time. But when there’s no ambulance to spare, Dixie borrows another patient’s camper van.

Then, with the help of porter Max, Dixie and nurse Lofty sneak Leo out of the hospital! Leo and his mum spend a last, happy day together, but his condition worsens on the way back to Holby and Zoe gives Dixie and Lofty a dressing down for taking risks with a patient! Lofty is sent to work at the minor injuries unit and told he needs to prove himself if he’s to keep his job.

Meanwhile, remorseless Dixie, who learns Leo’s mum has died, must wait to hear whether she’s getting the chop…

Elsewhere, Cal pulls out all his moves to woo junior doctor Lily. 
Zoe’s day gets off to a bad start when she’s almost caught in bed with porter Max by nosey nurse Robyn. Concerned her designer shoes have given her away, Zoe opts to wear trainers, which does nothing to improve her mood! 

 And, with Zoe on the warpath and threatening to fire Lofty and Dixie, ambitious consultant takes notes of how the ED is being run…