Dixie’s night on the tiles ends in the cells!

Paramedic Dixie, still in denial about her grief for dead girlfriend Carol, has a wild night out with nurse Rita. Things get a bit raunchy at a club and the pair end up kissing!
As they’re leaving Dixie and Rita witness a young woman running away from a man in an alley. When the man becomes aggressive towards Rita, Dixie steps in – with shocking consequences. The man, John, falls and is seriously injured after hitting his head on the kerb. When paramedics Jeff and Big Mac arrive, John accuses Dixie of assault. The police arrest Dixie and she ends up in a jail cell!

Elsewhere, a young patient is brought in to the ED with only a whisper of a voice, leaving brothers Ethan and Cal puzzled.

Ramin, an Iranian refugee who Jamie had helped save some months earlier, returns to the ED with his elderly neighbour and ends up whisking Jamie off on a date.

And Cal succeeds in convincing Zoe to keep him on as a locum, much to Ethan’s annoyance.