Dixie’s betrayal…

Senior paramedic Dixie feels betrayed when she discovers Jeff and Tamzin have lied about the treatment of a patient who became paralysed!

Last month Tamzin (Gemma Atkinson) failed to put a neck brace on abusive and drunk footballer, Jay Campbell, who caused a car crash. While Jeff lied on his report and claimed Jay refused treatment.

Now, Jay’s WAG girlfriend, Nicole, has started a ‘Justice for Jay’ campaign causing a media feeding frenzy. Dixie (pictured in happier times) follows up the complaint only to make a painful discovery – husband Jeff and good pal Tamzin have both lied.

Tamzin realises the only option is to admit to Dixie she did refuse to treat Jay at the scene, leading to his paralysis. In doing so she has saved Jeff but she has to quit the job she loves.

Elsewhere, Tom and Dominic clash over the treatment of a teenage patient. Later, Tom blows his top at Dominic and punches him – and the assault is witnessed by a shocked Dylan!