Dixie is depressed following the fall-out of her refusal to attend the fatal multiple shooting shout-out some weeks back. Paramedic partner Jeff encourages her to get her mojo back. However, Dixie takes his advice a little too seriously and runs into a burning shed to save an elderly man called Terry.

Dixie makes it out alive, having saved Terry, but at a personal cost – she burns her arms in the fire. Jeff questions her motives.

Also this week, Ruth has a life-changing decision to make – will she quit taking her Bipolar medication now that she’s pregnant? Partner Jay and boss Jordan put pressure on her to give up the lithium for the sake of her unborn child. But Ruth is terrified that quitting her meds will lead to another mental breakdown.

Later, Dixie discovers Terry died from an undetected abdominal bleed. Dixie confides in Jeff that he was right – she should not have raced into the burning shed.

Jay promises to support Ruth and ensure she doesn’t suffer a relapse during her pregnancy. She gives him her lithium, having made her decision to put her baby’s health before her own.