It’s Dixie and Jeff’s big day and the pair have the jitters as Dixie’s dying dad, Arthur, remains none-the-wiser that his daughter is marrying her best mate to make him happy…

The night before her nuptials, Dixie stays with Lena, who she met on her hen do. However, she doesn’t reveal her impending marriage to her new lover and Lena makes the shocking discovery on her own. It turns out Lena is the registrar and Dixie has some explaining to do!

The ceremony goes ahead but there’s a further shock for Dixie. While Jeff is chatting to his new father-in-law outside, Arthur has a coughing fit that causes him to stumble into view of Dixie kissing Lena. He collapses and is rushed to hospital coughing up blood.

Disgusted with Dixie’s behaviour, he refuses to even talk to his daughter. Will he give her a second chance before it’s too late?

Elsewhere Alice is gutted when Adam ignores her at work after their one night stand. Jay is placed on special leave as the investigation into the death of a patient hits a brick wall. The patient’s notes are still missing and it’s his word against Fairfax. Alone with a crashing patient May attempts to intubate but breaks the patient’s neck – and then tricks Yuki into taking the blame!