Jimmi’s first day as the radio station’s resident doctor gets off to a shaky start as he struggles to relate to the callers. But when he jumps into action to save a young boy who has taken an overdose, Jimmi wins the approval of both the listeners and producer Cerys. Everyone listens to Jimmi’s show – but while Karen is thrilled, Heston is forced to conceal his jealousy.

Michelle and Ruth are working together at The Mill but Michelle is getting annoyed with Ruth preaching to everyone about the five stages of grief. When Michelle loses her temper, telling Ruth that everyone is just humouring her, Ruth retaliates by telling Michelle that she could do with reading about the stages of grief herself, as she clearly needs some help.

As Michelle is about to explode with anger, Lily steps in, and Michelle tells her she’s not sure how much more she can take.

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