Howard has set up the radio slot for Kevin and Jas… for today! Jas is not impressed and starts writing up a list of topics while Kevin draws up a list of tunes. When they both arrive at the station they are shocked to discover they will be in charge of running the whole show, during which there are awkward silences, poor jokes from Kevin and frequent pressing of the wrong buttons. Antonia later on gives them their feedback – it’s not good and their career in university radio is over. Jas is relieved, but Kevin is visibly gutted!

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe is overwhelmed by the amount of food left at the food bank, and she and Gordon set about organising it for the opening this afternoon. Mandy and Al help and, at the end of the day, Gordon makes a speech where he praises Mrs Tembe’s dedication to the cause.

Also, Daniel encounters two brothers who are forced to encounter their shortcomings after their composer father dies.