Do Nancy and Darren have feelings for eachother?

The competition heats up as Darren, Tex and Nancy try online dating. Tex gets a date for that night in the Dog but India and Duncan insist they’ll be chaperoning her to make sure she’s safe. Later, Nancy goes to the SU Bar to check out Darren’s date but she doesn’t show. As the evening draws on the pair realise there is an attraction between them and agree to go home together.

Carl and Heidi argue over Jasmine, blaming each other for her obsession with Jason. She tries to explain that she is Trans gender but the family find it hard to cope. Later, Heidi asks her to continue dressing as a girl until the new year when she promises to get help. ON her own in her bedroom Jasmine begins to cut herself.

Tony tells Mandy that Gabby has moved away but they will do their best to make their long distance relationship work. Mandy asks him to go to dinner with her and invites him back to her flat. But she’s surprised when Tony says he needs to get back to call Gabby.

Also; Leanne continues to push Lee into getting married.

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