Do Rob and Andy know each other?

Noakes asks Jimmi to do a preliminary evaluation of the patient’s mental state, before he gets sent for a full psychiatric assessment. Jimmi wonders why the mental health is in question, and Noakes tells him it is because the prisoner will only speak to Rob, whom he is disparaging about. Later, Noakes asks Rob if he’s had any dealings with this man but he’s clearly in the dark. Meanwhile, Jimmi examines Andy’s wound, and starts asking him questions. Andy won’t play ball until Jimmi lets slip that he knows Rob.

Jimmi tells Noakes that he thinks Andy is sane, but highly manipulative. Later, Rob watches on a screen as Andy is brought through. Noakes leaves, and when Rob sees him, he is shocked. “You”, he says.

Also, Heston comes between two warring ice cream sellers one of whom has a serious heart condition. He resolves the difficulties and the sick brother gets the medical attention he requires.