If you go down to the woods outside Emmerdale you might get a nasty surprise because that’s where Natasha left Mark’s body after she had blasted it with a shotgun. Is that where the police have been? Well, they arrive at Home Farm with news that puts the fear of God into Natasha: they’ve found a body. Gulp! What do they know? Is it Mark – or is he still worm food in the woods?

Zak’s not known for his romantic gestures and Lisa’s usually happy to settle for a pint in the pub. So you can imagine how thrilled she is when he announces that he’s taking her away from it all – for a night in a hotel (one where the Dingle name is not known, obviously…). Zak clearly hasn’t thought this through, though, as it means leaving Shadrach at home unsupervised. The scruffy old goat decides to have a bath and, normally, that would be good news. But he falls asleep while the taps are running…

There’s trouble brewing in the King home, too… Chas is failing to play happy families with Carl and his kids, mainly because Carl doesn’t want to be Daddy. Can Chas cope with Thomas and Anya on her own?

*Second episode, 8pm*

Have the police turned up at Home Farm to round up a murderer? No. They want Natasha to go with them to ID the body they have found. But Mark had two wives remember… Legal wife Faye hears about the discovery and turns up at the morgue. She could drop wife No2 right in it but, instead, she supports Natasha, who tells police the body is not Mark. Will Natasha and Faye now become bosom buddies – or friendly enemies?

Diane could use a friend… The anniversary of Jack’s death is looming and all she’s getting is grief from Maisie and Moira. Nice guy Marlon knows just what to do: he tells Moira how upset Diane is about the whole bullying business and how she’s saddened by the toll it has taken on their friendship. Digesting that food for thought, Moira tells Diane how much she enjoys working with her and the two women put their troubles behind them.

Shadrach finds it a bit trickier to deal with his problem… His drunken stupidity means Zak and Lisa’s bathroom is now in their living room. How’s he going to tell them? Well, he decides to let it be a surprise and does a runner!