Do the police think Carla is the killer?

*Hour-long Episode*

When the police take Carla in for further questioning, a panicked Rob tries to object. Later, when Carla returns to the factory, she’s greeted by a client who offers his sympathy for her marriage break-up, but Carla flips and kicks him out. Upset and angry, a drunken Carla slags off Tina in front of Ann, but is worried the police will pin Tina’s murder on her.

Sporting a shiner, Gary is bitter he didn’t get the job and blames it on his black eye. Gary goads Owen until he snaps and reveals Anna slept with Phelan to keep him out of prison. Anna rails at Owen for blabbing to Gary, but Owen is unable to forgive Anna for sleeping with Phelan and it’s clear the truth is ripping the Windasses apart.

Julie gathers Sally and Tim’s friends in the Rovers to witness his romantic proposal. Everyone’s bemused when Tim goes down on one knee and asks Sally not to marry him. Sally gleefully agrees to carry on living in sin and kisses him.

Also, Jenna’s disappointed when Lloyd wants to take Andrea on holiday. Andrea’s privately relieved when she persuades Lloyd to take Jenna instead; Todd encourages Marcus to buy a car, admitting to Tony that he’s not really interested in Marcus and intends to move on once he’s got all he can from him.