Doctor Bassey arrives on Campus

The Campus locum Dr Bassey sees her first patient Sophie, who thinks she may have fractured her wrist while out drinking. Dr Bassey tells her that drinking too much can be dangerous but an incensed Sophie jumps on this. Bassey brings out a picture of her daughter and explains she was run over by a drunk driver, now in a vegetative state. At some point, she will have to make the decision to let her daughter die. Sophie understands and tells Bassey she’ll drink responsibly. Later, Dr Bassey tells Karen she’s off to see her daughter – but we know she’s about to face the biggest decision of her life…

Karen thinks a patient, Jeremy, is acting oddly, and wonders if he’s been taking drugs. He reveals he owes some people money and supplies drugs to pay them back. Karen says his best option is to tell the police but Jeremy decides to flee instead. Bad idea, though, as he’s soon caught and beaten up.