The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs

Dr Chris explores why antidepressants are on the rise among teens

Nearly 60,000 young people in the UK take antidepressants.

Tonight, the brilliant Dr Chris van Tulleken looks at why there has been such an explosion in teens popping pills to cope with anxiety and depression – and the results are shocking.

Side effects of the most popular antidepressants for under-18s are severe, including increased suicidal thoughts, yet Dr Chris thinks the effectiveness of these drugs is questionable.

He meets a teen called Jess to try and find a new way of dealing with her crippling anxiety
and depression.

He also investigates the huge increase in anti-allergy formula milk for babies.

Has intolerance to cows’ milk reached epidemic proportions, or is something else going on?

Please note, this programme will air on Scotland at 10.45pm.