Doctor Who

This week on Doctor Who, Nardole, The Doctor and Bill head to the Vatican for a the first chapter of a three-part story...

The truth is out there – but does The Doctor really want to find it?

The first chapter of a three-part story, this week’s episode begins with a flashback to a deal struck years ago by The Doctor and mischievous Timelord Missy (Michelle Gomez), but the action soon reverts to the present, where The Doctor finds himself on a mission from God.

There’s a book in the Vatican archives said to contain ‘the ultimate truth’.

Everyone who has ever read from its pages dies within hours, so when a copy appears on the internet, the Pope is desperate for The Doctor  to save the day.

Undeterred by the fact that he’s still blind after last week’s jaunt into space, he sets off to find this cursed tome with Bill and Nardole, yet the secret they unearth is more terrible than anything they could have imagined.