Doctor Who

In this week's instalment of Doctor Who, Bill's new home turns out to be a house of horrors…

Things go bump in the night – and the day – in this Hammer Horror-style adventure that’s sure to leave nerves frayed and chills creeping up the strongest of spines.

Bill and her friends have moved into a big old house run by a mysterious ‘Landlord’ (David Suchet) – and it’s not long before things get spooky.

Creaking floorboards, strange knocking sounds… and a menacing warning from the Landlord that the tower at the top of the house is out of bounds.

One by one, Bill’s housemates begin to vanish, as she and the Doctor (who an embarrassed Bill has said is her grandfather) start to investigate.

Like most of the good Doctor Who episodes, this one has a brilliant twist, which Bill seems to suss first…