Dazed and confused after his crash, Larry staggers out of the car to find Jai and Axel lying in the road, not moving. Overcome by fear, Larry climbs back into his car and drives away. Jai comes round relatively unscathed, but Axel is far worse off. Rushed to hospital, he goes straight into surgery while Jai is questioned by police.

But all he can remember of the car which hit them is that it was a silver station wagon. Jai heads home after learning Axel is stable. But something goes wrong and things take a turn for the worse leaving Axel dead.

Gripped by guilt and panic, as Larry gets home and sees the damage done to his car, he struggles to decide whether to report the accident or do a runner. He calls Belle to ask her to tell Aden he is sorry and he is getting out of his son’s life for good. When Belle and Aden arrive, they find the house empty.

But Aden recognises the car � a silver station wagon – in Jai’s description. Belle can’t believe Larry is responsible for the accident, but when Aden finds Larry’s shirt, still bloodstained from the crash, he’s left with little doubt. Will Aden report his dad to the police?

*Showing on RTE One, Monday September 15*