Doctors Spoilers: Al and Valerie visit a sleep clinic

Will Al and Valerie get a good night's rest?

Al and Valerie arrive at a sleep clinic in the hope that they can find solutions to their sleeping problems. While at the clinic, they meet a young girl called Sophia, who is suffering from sleep deprivation due to having nightmares.

Valerie is optimistic that she will be able to get a good night’s sleep after staying at the clinic, but Al is skeptical – as usual. Later, Al and Valerie separately see the consultant and start to discuss their day and night routines – will their sessions help them both get to the bottom of their sleep deprivation?

Later, at the sleep clinic, Val tries to engage Sophia in conversation, but Sophia isn’t interested and Valerie feels hurt about being brushed off. Finally, it’s time for Valerie and Al to take part in some experimental tests…