Doctors spoilers: Ruhma is shocked by daughter Alia’s big decision

What will Ruhma do when her teenage daughter Alia makes a big decision about her relationship with new boyfriend Tariq?

Alia Hanif and Tariq are shocked when they witness a carjacking. The incident pulls them closer together and Alia reaches a big decision about their relationship. But how will Alia’s mum Ruhma react when she finds out what the teenager is planning?

At the surgery, it could all be about to kick-off as Valerie encourages Heston to speak his mind about Daniel trying to take his consulting room from him, and possibly Heston’s job too.

And Zara is not amused when she catches Penny putting up a poster in the staff room to advertise a “period party” being thrown at Emma’s house where the women are planning to share personal stories about that difficult time of the month! Will no-nosense Zara shut down their fun?

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