Doctors Spoilers: Ayesha has an idea

Can Ayesha's idea win her the £3,000?

Ayesha has been thinking about Mrs Tembe’s challenge and has come up with an idea of what the money can be invested in. She tells Ruhma about a night bus for vulnerable people and believes that they could use the money to get the bus to come to Letherbridge.

Ayesha tells Ruhma about her idea and is boiling over with passion about it – much to Ruhma’s delight. Ruhma thinks it’s a brilliant idea and tells Ayesha to put it in a power point. Ruhma’s suggestion stops Ayesha in her tracks as she isn’t keen to do a presentation. Will Ayesha give up on her idea?

Also, Zara and Daniel are both working from home, so Daniel is hoping the pair will have a passionate day at home instead of doing work. However, Zara has other ideas. The cleaner is off sick so they need to tidy up. After cleaning the house, the pair needs to go to the supermarket and Zara makes a romantic gesture while they’re there.