Doctors Spoilers: Can Mrs Tembe save the day?

Can Mrs Tembe get the campus surgery in tip top shape before the opening?

It seems like the sleep clinic worked a treat for Al, as he is fast asleep. Mrs Tembe is more than happy for Al to take a cheeky nap, as long as Valerie wakes him up in time to see his next patient.

Later, Mrs Tembe heads to the campus clinic, expecting to just put the finishing touches to the newly redecorated surgery, but is shocked to see that place is covered in dust sheets and needs a good scrub! Mrs Tembe tells the staff the news and Daniel is the first to say open the surgery is a waste of time, but Valerie and Mrs Tembe disagree. Can Mrs Tembe get the surgery in tip top shape before the Vice Chancellor arrives to see the surgery?

As Mrs Tembe does her best to get the surgery ready in time for the Vice Chancellor. When the Mill staff arrive, everyone is impressed by Mrs Tembe’s efforts and Heston makes a heartfelt speech about her commitment to the surgery. What will Zara and Daniel say?

Finally a blast from Jimmi’s past turns up as guest at Emma’s bed and breakfast….