Dr Heston Carter has been thrown by the news his wife Ruhma is slowly losing her hearing.

Feeling bad he didn’t pick-up on her problems earlier, Heston jumps into medical emergency mode and recommends Ruhma visit a private Audiologist for a further assessment.

But how will midwife Ruhma, who is a champion of the NHS, feel about seeking private treatment for her hearing loss?

Meanwhile, Ruhma’s colleague Ayesha Lee is out on a routine patient visit when she notices an unwell looking boy with a young guy who could be his dad.

However, when Ayesha further investigates, she discovers dad Owen Wilde has walked off with his son Noah during a supervised contact visit, and now a social worker Gary Armstrong and the police are out looking for him!

Doctors, Ayesha Lee, Owen Wilde

Ayesha confronts a dad who has snatched his son. (Picture: BBC)

Can Ayesha find a way to calm the situation and help Noah, whose health has taken a turn for the worse?

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