Doctors spoilers: The Minor Surgery Unit is open for business!

After weeks of preparation, the Minor Surgery Unit is up and running at The Mill. And it's not long before bossy boots Dr Heston Carter takes charge!

It is the first day of the Minor Surgery Unit and it’s not long before bossy boots Dr Heston Carter appoints himself team leader!

The surgery receptionist Valerie Pitman suggests the name Team Carter, much to the annoyance of Dr Sid Vere, who suspected all along Heston would hog the limelight.

With Sid and nurse Ayesha Lee assisting, Heston treats their first patient, Frances Stonelake, who needs a benign lesion removing. But when pensioner Frances starts singing Heston’s praises and telling Sid he could learn a lot from Heston, will Sid be able to keep his cool?

Meanwhile, fan mail starts flooding in for Dr Daniel Granger following his TV appearance on the shopping channel to sell his skincare range.

But when some of the fan messages become particularly personal, Dr Jimmi Clay warns Daniel to be careful. Jimmi was once held captive by creepy sister and brother Sissy and Ivor, who became obsessed with the medic after his appearances as the resident doctor on Letherbridge FM.

Elsewhere, Karen Hollins is still searching the streets of Letherbridge for her missing former foster son, James Coulter. Will he finally be found?

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