Doctors spoilers: Sid tries to make amends

Sid offers an olive branch to Zara - but will she take it?

Sid visits Zara at home and apologises for upsetting her at work. She decides to let him in, as she doesn’t want to be alone. Zara is still acting out of character and Sid is concerned, so he brings out his gift. He has brought stress dolls to help Zara cope with the problems she’s having. Will Zara appreciate the gift?

Valerie has decided to volunteer at a care home for the elderly. She arrives for her first shift and meets a resident named Ted. Ted has a psychotic disorder and believes he is King Henry VIII. At first, Valerie happily plays along with Ted, until something goes wrong…

Also, Al couldn’t be happier to have his mum around. They have a lovely dinner together and Al suggests they have a quiz night. Will his suggestion be a good idea?