Doctors spoilers: Who will win Sid Vere’s table-tennis challenge?

It's the moment of truth as the day of the table-tennis match, being played in Heston's memory, arrives. But does anybody know how to play?

The day arrives for the table-tennis match being played as a tribute to the late Heston Carter, and man-in-charge Sid Vere is busy getting everything ready.

However, there’s trouble before the first match has even been played when Al Haskey suspects Jimmi Clay has a special bat which could help him win. And when Sid tries to explain the rules of the game, nobody seems to understand. Will the table-tennis showdown be a disaster?

Meanwhile, Dr Daniel Granger gets an unexpected visit from surgery midwife Ruhma Carter’s son, Shak Hanif.

Shak has been feeling very unwell since the death of his stepdad Heston, and Daniel begins to wonder if Shak’s illness is a manifestation of his grief over Heston’s death. Will Shak open up to Daniel about his emotional state of mind?

Elsewhere, surgery receptionist Karen Hollins is reunited with an old school friend Angela Donaldson, who tells Karen how she has lost loads of weight through a local slimming club.

Doctors, Karen Hollins, Angela Donaldson

Karen’s friend Angela has lost loads of weight. But why is she so unhappy? (Picture: BBC)

Doctors, Kim Peters

Karen attends a slimming club led by Kim Peters (Picture: BBC)

However, Karen soon discovers Angela’s weight loss has come at a price and there’s something shady going on at the slimming club led by Kim Peters. Can Karen get to the bottom of what’s going on and help Angela?

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