Doctors spoilers: What’s the gossip about Mrs Tembe and Gordon Clement?

Valerie gets swept up in the romance of it all when vicar Gordon arrives at The Mill with a bunch of flowers for Mrs Tembe!

With the atmosphere still tense between married surgery bosses Daniel Granger and Zara Carmichael, receptionists Karen Hollins and Valerie Pitman try and see if they can find out all the gossip from practice manager Mrs Tembe.

However, Mrs Tembe is as professional and no-nonsense as ever and not about to reveal the truth about Zara’s one-night stand with colleague Sid Vere at Christmas, which has since seen Sid consider quitting his job.

But when local vicar Gordon Clement arrives at The Mill with a big bunch of flowers for Mrs Tembe, the gossip mill goes into overdrive with Karen and Valerie both wondering what’s happening between the pair. If only they knew!

Does Gordon have a surprise up his sleeve as he reveals his intentions to take Mrs Tembe out to a nice restaurant the following evening?

Meanwhile, Zara has had enough of Daniel punishing her and points out he’s been a love cheat himself in the past. But when Zara offers a surprise and unusual solution to the couple’s current problems how will Daniel react?

Doctors, Sid Vere, Allison Fernham

Sid meets a very confused patient Allison (Picture: BBC)

Also, Sid becomes concerned when he treats a patient Allison Fernham who can’t remember how she cut her hand. Does the dark truth lie in a bottle of pills?

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