Doctors spoilers: WHO does this mystery bra belong to?

Becky's left blushing when receptionist Valerie finds a bra at the surgery and is determined to find out who it belongs too!

Becky Clarke has so far managed to keep her after-hours hook-up with surgery cleaner Enzo D’Agostino a secret.

But Becky’s co-workers could be close to rumbling the secret lovers, when receptionist Valerie Pitman unexpectedly finds a woman’s bra lying around at The Mill and sets out on a mission to discover who its owner is!

Doctors, Karen Hollins, Al Haskey, Sid Vere, Emma Reid

The staff speculate about who the bra belongs to (Picture: BBC)

Becky’s is mortified as everyone starts gossiping about the bra and what it is doing at the surgery. Can Becky find a way to secretly retrieve her missing undergarment without anyone noticing?

Meanwhile, having been given the go-ahead by Daniel Granger to start a training course that could give her the authority to begin prescribing medicine to patients, nurse Ayesha Lee has a meltdown about how much studying is involved and whether she’ll be able to remember all the facts.

Can colleague Jimmi Clay give Ayesha some much needed advice?

Doctors, Jimmi Clay, Daniel Granger

Jimmi asks Daniel to be a bit more supportive towards Ayesha (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, Al Haskey gets on the wrong side of two medical students, Rosie Yates and Sajid Ghani, when he is quick to make assumptions based on their presenting symptoms.

After Saj storms out of the appointment, Al arranges for him to come back into the surgery. And this time he’s determined to get to the bottom of Saj’s problems in a friendlier manner.

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