Doctors Spoilers: Will Ayesha face her fears?

Will Ayesha present her idea?

Everyone is in preparation mode for the Dragon’s Den-style competition. Daniel is full of confidence as he runs through his pitch. Meanwhile, Al and Valerie psych themselves up to give the competition their best shot. Emma is also entering the competition and runs through things with Ayesha, who gives Emma some great tips and asks Emma important questions about her idea – questions Emma can’t answer! Later, Emma asks Ayesha why she doesn’t enter the competition, but Ayesha refuses to change her mind.

Mrs Tembe and Zara take their places as judges and sit through Daniel’s fancy graphs, Valerie’s wild idea, Emma’s flip chart and Heston and Al’s unimaginative pitches. However, just as Zara and Mrs Tembe want to give up, Ayesha decides to pitch her idea…

Finally, will Amanda’s return cause trouble for those at The Mill?