Doctors Spoilers: Will Dr Jimmi Clay get run over by ex-wife Amanda?

Will disaster strike when Dr Jimmi Clay tries to stop his distressed ex-wife Amanda from leaving Letherbridge?

Jimmi is worried as Amanda is still missing after their big argument about their past relationship. However, Jimmi’s colleagues at The Mill are just as worried about him, especially when Mrs Tembe tells partners Dr Daniel Granger and Dr Zara Carmichael how Jimmi intends to withdraw his money and leave the practice!

While Jimmi’s co-workers worry about Amanda’s influence over him, the doc is hot on the trail of his ex-wife and finds her sleeping in her car in a countryside car park.

Jimmi tries to reason with Amanda after their big row and pleads with her to come back home. Amanda warns Jimmi to leave her alone. But when he refuses to leave, she starts the car engine.

Will there be a terrible accident when desperate Jimmi jumps in front of Amanda’s car and refuses to move?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC 1