Doctors Spoilers: Zara Carmichael and Daniel Granger take over The Mill?

Will Jimmi change his mind about quitting? Or are Zara and Daniel about to become the sole bosses at the surgery?

Zara is confident she and Daniel will soon be the sole partners at The Mill, and it’s just a matter of time before current business partner Jimmi quits.

Mrs Tembe has never been a big fan of Zara’s ruthless behaviour and ambition, and is secretly hoping Jimmi will have a change-of-heart and stay on at the surgery. But things are not looking good when Jimmi arrives at work and confirms he’ll make everything official at the next Partners Meeting.

Will anyone else step-up to become a partner and scupper Zara and Daniel’s plans?

Meanwhile, Ruhma is in a spin when she finds out her teenage daughter, Alia is going out on a date. Ruhma thinks Alia should stay focused on her education with her exams coming-up.

Unable to find out anything more about Alia’s mystery date, Ruhma turns to her teenage son, Shak, for help. But if Rhuma wants Shak to play detective, it is going to cost her!

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