Dodger confronts Sienna

Sienna watches as her twin confronts Patrick, who then tells Sienna to tell Darren she’s had a miscarriage. Sienna decides it’s time to tell Darren the truth. A heavily pregnant Chloe returns and offers Sienna the chance to buy her baby. Chloe moves into the student house with Tilly, leaving Sienna furious with this turn of events. When Darren spies Chloe at the Christmas light switch-on, he grabs her and confronts her about stealing Tom’s money. Dodger has to talk his friend down, hating the fact that his whole family is lying to him about Sienna’s pregnancy.

Ziggy is in full sex-God mode as he films the ad for Vengeance Pour Homme body spray, unaware Ruby is watching in a side room unable to contain her laughter. Elsewhere, Ruby is torn when she overhears Ziggy say he wants her back. She knows she’s gone too far when Ziggy plays his commercial in the pub and is humiliated at the footage.

Also, Fraser makes a startling discovery, leaving Trevor in immense danger, and Cindy is distraught to lose a close friend.