Dodger helps Will with Theresa!

Liberty tries to convince Theresa that Will really likes her. However, Theresa is struggling to quash her feelings for Ethan, not that she can tell Liberty that. When Liberty shows her the picture Will drew of Theresa, she is touched but her good mood comes to an abrupt end when she hears that Ethan and Liberty are setting a wedding date. Theresa decides to beg Will for another chance, but it might be too little too late for Will.

Dodger tries to give Will advice on his love life. It’s a bitter pill to swallow with Ethan in close proximity.

Texas worries when it appears that Ethan is trying to pin the Price Slice robbery on Dodger. There’s only one thing for it, Texas has to put her reputation as a good girl on the line to save her man.

Also, Nancy complains that she is fed up of Darren and his so called bad back. Darren’s just fed up of Nancy’s general moaning and flees her flat. But it’s clear it will be hard for the couple to stay apart for long.

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