Dodger hits the jackpot

Mercedes and Nana concoct a plan to rid Dr Browning of his valuables, so Mercedes gives the keys to Mrs. Rahj’s house to Nana McQueen. She then recruits Dodger and Dennis to help her shift the contents – surely there’s something in there worth having. Dodger is unimpressed with the state of the house, but hits the jackpot when he discovers a mattress stuffed with £50 notes.

Jack shows Darren the engagement ring he’s bought for Frankie – he’s going to ask her to renew their vows. However, as Sienna’s paranoia begins to develop she searches the flat and when she finds the ring under the duvet, she comes to the wrong conclusion.

After Patrick came home and discovered Maxine routing through his stuff he realises they are not right for each other and leaves her distraught and alone.
Dr Browning is frantically trying to get rid of the evidence from what he did yesterday.

Meanwhile, Cindy lies motionless in the stationary cupboard. Browning rushes to the school to get Cindy’s body, but Dirk finds her first. Browning is shocked when he finds out she’s still breathing…