Dodger meets a mysterious girl

Dodger is alarmed when a hoodie runs past him and snatches his lunch. He grabs them and it’s revealed to be a fourteen year old girl, Nico. She faints and he carries her to find help. He gives her something to eat at The Emporium but at the mention of taking her home, Nico runs off.

Having witnessed Robbie getting close to Nancy, Phoebe is on the war path and confronts them. Nancy demands that Robbie talk her down, but he later tells Nancy that it’s her he wants to be with.

After the funeral, Mercedes feels guilty about what they’re doing to Grace and makes a shocking U-turn by telling her that she was in on Freddie’s plan too. Freddie asks to be Grace’s business partner. Ste is devastated when Freddie tells him there won’t be any cash and he is forced to send Leah and Lucas to live with Amy. However, Mercedes and Freddie still plan to destroy Grace.

Also, Ziggy sets up Lindsey and Joe, and locks them in the garage until they sort out their relationship. It works when they kiss and start ripping each other’s clothes off. They have sex, but Joe tells Lindsey that they’ll never be the same as before.