Dodger is doing his best to look after Will when he comes home from hospital while Dirk and Dennis are on the rigs, but it’s not easy. He turns up at the boat in a wheelchair so he can better understand his brother’s situation. Jack, Frankie, Ruby and Tom have been at the hospital all night. The consultant tells them that Esther desperately needs a new liver within the next 24 hours. It seems the guilt is starting to get to Ruby.

Alone with Frankie and Esther, she is overcome with guilt and begins her confession, until Jack bursts in and tells them the good news – they’ve found a donor! However, the adverse weather is delaying the transplant – they need Esther to keep hanging on. Esther asks Dylan to help her record a video message, but it’s only to be shown after she’s dies…

John Paul is nervous about his job interview for the English teacher position at 6th form, and accidentally spills coffee on Patrick at the coffee shop. Running late, John Paul rushes down the corridor, only to be faced with his interviewer – Patrick, the new principal! When Patrick sees John Paul break up a fight between Phoebe and Sinead, he knows he’s the right man for the job.