Dodger’s arrested!

Lee is desperate to ward off Dodger’s intentions on Amy and, in his attempts to get Dodger in trouble, calls the police on him.

Nancy storms her interview, passing with flying colours. All Pete needs now is to confirm Nancy’s reference. But ever cunning, Ruby stops Nancy from getting a job at the Herald by stealing Pete’s phone and giving her a dodgy reference.

It’s not long before Nancy and Darren realise a scheming Ruby is behind the mess that Nancy is in. Nancy decides she must get in touch with Pete and tell him what has happened, but it’s too late when Nancy rings back. The job has already gone to someone else and she is gutted.

Also; Silas pays a visit to the hospital and learns that his heart condition is worsening. Later, he is back to his old menacing ways when he finds Lynsey routing through his files. She’s shaken when his threatening demeanor fills her with fear.