Brendan plays it cool with Warren but insists he doesn’t know where his money is. But he has an idea – Dodger!

After establishing that neither one of them has the money, they approach Dodger who denies any knowledge. Things get a little heated as the pair question the likely lad but he convinces them he hasn’t got the cash.

Devastated that his money is missing, Warren heads back to the club when he gets a call from Mitzeee: “Has he lost something?” The penny drops – Mitzeee has his money!

Rhys confides in Cheryl about his new marriage much to Jacqui’s annoyance

Also, Cindy and Noah have fun teasing Carmel about her attraction to a man of the cloth. While Carmel struggles with her attraction, things go from bad to worse when Cindy arranges for Carmel to give Father Francis a massage.

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