Does Aaron fancy Robert?

As the dust settles following the raid at Home Farm, Chrissie’s putting on a brave face, gutted that her that mum’s ring was stolen, and Robert feels guilty because he orchestrated the whole thing to get his future father-in-law, Lawrence, on side. Meanwhile, Aaron’s relieved to learn Ross hasn’t sold the jewellery, but less pleased when his partner in crime refuses to return them to Home Farm. When Aaron takes matters into his own hands and returns the ring, Ross can’t believe it and suggests that it’s because he’s got the hots for Robert. Could he be right?

Laurel’s so fed up with Marlon’s over-concern for April she breaks down in tears at work. Later, a concerned Nicola confronts Marlon about the situation and leaves him so utterly speechless that he doesn’t notice her pocketing his phone! What is she up to?

Andy wants to fight Debbie for custody of his kids but baulks at the cost of solicitor fees. When Victoria urges him to speak to Robert, Andy is initially hesistant to go to his brother for help, but soon relents. How will Robert react when Andy asks him for some leeway with the rent for the farm?