Does Bianca want Terry after all?

Bianca confronts Terry after discovering he’s planning on leaving the Square. Worried about TJ, Terry is too distracted to talk things through with her. At a Welcome Home party for Stacey, Bianca lets slip to Alfie that his best mate Terry is leaving. Infuriated by Bianca’s big mouth, Terry storms out. Running out after Terry, Bianca is stunned when Terry reveals he loves her. The pair share a passionate kiss and head back to Terry’s flat.

Stacey feels bad about having a go at Whitney, who has run to find Lee for some comfort. Stacey apologises to Whitney for her outburst, reassuring her that she will always be a part of Lily’s life. Returning home, Stacey is touched when Alfie and Kat surprise her with a party to celebrate her release.

Alfie and Kat finally agree on names for the twins, agreeing to keep them as Bert and Ernie. All set to go to the register office to make it official, Alfie also suggests they get married before finding out he can’t get married there and then. Alfie’s happy day is shattered when Stacey unearths the letters from the council that he’s hidden, saying they’re about to be evicted.

Also, Carol wants Charlie to have a DNA test.