Cheryl surprises Brendan with their visitor, Macca and wants the Chez Chez staff to go on a trip to see Lee’s play. Afterwards, Brendan asks Macca for a word. Jacqui catches Brendan running his knuckles under the tap, and he tells Cheryl that Macca’s gone back to Ireland.

Taylor carries on lying to Amber, while Phil lies to keep her away from his other family. When Amber asks if there’s any hope of Phil and Gabby getting back together, he tells her it’s possible. Taylor snaps when Amber tells him that Phil and Gabby are getting back together, and shocks her with the truth.

Rhys confronts Jacqui with the fact that they slept together. Later, Brendan asks Jacqui about seeing Danny behind his back and Rhys tries to stick up for her. Later, Jacqui offers to move out, but Rhys says it’s not necessary.

Also, Leanne’s supporting Lee, but gets annoyed as he talks about Amy’s talents. Lee and Steph bury the hatchet but the show’s in jeopardy when Darren can’t remember his lines. Lee suggests playing Darren’s part opposite Amy. Ste asks Amy for a drink, but she’s too busy with Lee and Leanne’s vexed to see Lee and Amy together. But she manages to guilt-trip Amy into going home to the kids.

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