Does Brennan have feelings for Paige?

With Brennan banging on the garage door, only quick thinking from Tyler avoids him and Paige being busted – he explains the two of them have been spending quality time together. Brennan is stunned, while Paige is furious with Tyler for putting her in this position. Jealous, Brennan almost confesses his rekindled feelings to Paige, but when he sees her and Tyler together, he can’t go through with it.

When Michelle drags Paige along to a handover of some stolen parts, the police nearly bust them, so Paige cuts a deal with Michelle – let her try to take the garage business legit and make all the money Dimato expects from the operation legally.

Amber confesses to Imogen that Josh could potentially be the father of her baby, but instead of being sympathetic, Imogen is furious that Josh is completely unaware. She issues her an ultimatum: either Amber tells Josh or Imogen will.

Sonya struggles with the reality of not having enough work to keep Nate on. Knowing that Sonya’s too kind to bite the bullet and let him go, Nate does it for her and resigns.