Toadie, Sonya and Susan set up decorations for Callum’s birthday. He’s excited because he thinks Imogen is coming, but is crushed when she cancels and Bailey admits he spoke to her. At school the next day, Bailey tries to apologise but Callum shuts him down. When shy Josie Lamb offers him a birthday present, he accuses Bailey of setting it up. Bailey denies it and they argue. Callum later speaks to Josie and is shocked to realise they’ve been playing Dragon Prophecies online together for ages. It’s clear Josie likes Callum.

Lucas is still feeling the financial pressure, so he’s relieved when someone from his past, Harry, repays an old debt. But he’s uneasy upon learning Harry won the money at an illegal poker game. Later, Lucas tells Vanessa all will be OK; he has a plan to keep them afloat. What Vanessa doesn’t know is that he will use the money from Harry to gamble again.

Mason didn’t steal from the hotel – he simply sold his watch. But it’s not enough to get Robbo off his back.

Later, Paul catches Robbo intimidating Mason, and urges Mason to tell him what’s really going on. Once he’s heard the whole story, Paul quickly comes up with a plan, calling his associate Marty.