Does Carmella have the hots for Ringo?

Although Carmella stops herself from kissing Ringo, he’s left convinced she shares his romantic feelings. With that in mind, he decides the best thing to do is break up with Rachel rather than string her along. Needing to sort things out with Carmella, Ringo later asks her to meet him alone, and Carmella agrees. But as she’s driving to meet him, she starts having second thoughts about how young he is and turns back, leaving Ringo alone and depressed.

Rachel is left looking after Tom while the family is out but is distracted by her problems with Ringo, and leaves Tom alone in the house. But events take a dangerous turn when Tom runs away from the house, leaving a kettle burning on the stove. The family are furious with Rachel when they return home to discover the chaos. They eventually find Tom, and Karl is delighted when his father recognises him. Later, safe at home, Susan and Karl come to the sad realisation that they can’t look after Tom full time.

Rachel is wary when she gets a letter from her dad Rocco expressing his disappointment that Frazer didn’t ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage, and she’s unimpressed when Rocco asks them to help get him day release to attend the wedding.