Cherry throws away her contraceptive pill as she convinces herself to try for a baby with Jimmi. When Mandy hears her talking to Heston about baby names she asks whether it’s a good idea after what happened with Daniel. Cherry ignores Mandy’s queries and calls Jimmi to discuss the baby names she’s come up with.

However, when Jimmi starts trying to tell her to cut down on caffeine she feels smothered. When she gets home to find Jimmi has bought her a teddy bear rattle it is too much to bear and she takes today’s pill.

Jas is getting on well with colleague Grace at Pinnacle, who gives her some tips on how to be a better waitress. But when Kevin and Howard turn up for lunch she has to pretend she doesn’t know either of them and ends up crouching under the counter to hide from Howard for fear one of them will reveal her true occupation.

Grace teases Jas that she must be involved in some kind of love triangle, but when she starts to have an allergic reaction Jas is forced to reveal her medical training and save her.

Also, Karen and Imogen find themselves embroiled in an unusual dispute between a mum and her son.