Does Dawn really love Garry?

Garry explains the car he was driving was stolen and dumped in the middle of nowhere, while a stunned Dawn runs out of the Vic in shock. Garry finds Dawn and asks her if she meant what she said about being in love with him, but Dawn can’t give him an answer. A decisive Garry tells Dawn that she must tell him how she feels by the end of the day. Time is running out, but Dawn finally tells Garry that she doesn’t want to lose him and they kiss…

Bianca tells the ladies at Zainab’s book club that she knows Ricky too well to be reunited with him, but she has to convince herself of her words. Meanwhile, Tiffany goes missing, but Garry finds her and returns her safely. Ricky is furious with Tiffany and tells her she should be more like Liam. A hurt Tiffany tells Ricky she hates him.

Libby sneaks into R&R with Darren and Callum despite being underage. Darren reassures Libby when she worries that he’s going off her. Chelsea sees Libby in the club and is surprised to see her bookworm sister. Chelsea notices Janine talking to a man and quips that maybe it’s a punter. Chelsea is stung by a withering putdown from Janine when she interrupts them.

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