With Doug having been brought into the hospital, the Willises are deeply concerned. However, Doug is now completely on the ball. It seems the stress of the day before caused his lapse in judgement. However, Josh is compelled to speak up, citing a number of recent memory lapses. Karl completes some preliminary tests, and the Willises are stunned when the initial results suggest Doug has Alzheimer’s Disease. Brad sets about trying to test his father’s memory, and is relieved to discover that Doug knows exactly what he’s up to. Karl pushes to continue the diagnostic process, but Brad’s in denial and insists that Doug doesn’t have this disease.

With the revelation that Stephen Montague couldn’t be responsible for Kate’s death, Brennan’s focus on catching the real killer only intensifies. Meanwhile, Danni, newly liberated from the threat of Montague, comes to the conclusion that she needs to put some distance between herself and Brennan decides to leave Erinsborough. Left to his own devices, Brennan finds a way to dive deep into the investigation.

Naomi is delighted as the money for her painting clears. Eager to connect with Sheila, Naomi buys her mother a gift, but it only serves to highlight the gulf of understanding between them. Then, just as the pendulum swings back the other way and they reach a tentative accord, Naomi receives a disturbing call… one that could have serious consequences.