Big Frank Batley is arrested at home, following a tip-off to DS Siddons, who DS Rachel Dawson clearly is not keen on. The police are pleased to find stolen goods from a warehouse but when Frank’s wife Tina says that £400 has just gone missing from the house, they are horrified when the cash shows up in Rachel’s car.

As Rachel is suspended from duty, Pc Joe Mason is sure that Tina set Rachel up, and suspects that Tina is having an affair with DS Siddons’ informant, who wanted Frank out of the way. Siddons tells Joe he’ll find out if Tina is involved with the snout – but Joe is stunned when he follows Siddons to the Batley house and sees him kiss Tina.

Joe heads to tell Rachel, who says that Siddons was happy to have her stitched up as he’s never forgiven her for rejecting his advances. But how can they prove Siddons and Tina are in cahoots – and that Rachel is innocent?

Bernie is shocked when he’s asked to organise the funeral of Amy Nightingale – the love of his life. When Bernie discovers that Amy was pregnant and had his child adopted, Blaketon tries to arrange for Bernie to meet his daughter. Will she want to know?