Does Elaine need some therapy herself?

It’s the final session of Hollins family therapy and despite a few initial teething problems, they start to make headway when Imogen gives her family an apology. To Karen’s amazement Rob opens up too and Elaine is thrilled that they’ve finally made good progress. But the session grinds to a halt when Harrison’s pregnant wife, Fiona, gatecrashes.

Mortified by the public bashing, Elaine tries to coax Fiona away, but Fiona won’t have it and gives Elaine a public dressing down in front of the Hollins family, revealing all about Elaine’s affair with Harrison. Fiona warns her to stay away from her husband before leaving a gobsmacked Elaine to pick up the pieces.

Elaine tries to retain her dignity and continue the counselling session, but Rob announces they’re going and the family leave a crest-fallen Elaine upset and alone.

Also, Heston bonds with a patient over their mutual love of the English language, but is there more to this young man than meets the eye?