Does Emma want rid of her friends?

A paranoid Niamh worries that she and Ayesha are about to get their marching orders when a builder visits Emma’s house and claims to see the Madonna and Child in a water stain in her bathroom. Niamh tentatively asks Emma if she has plans for her and Ayesha to move out when the baby comes – maybe Emma wants a smaller place for just her and the baby. But Emma is irritated by her questions – she has no plans to change the status quo.

Stan explains to Mrs Tembe that his business partner David is dying from cancer and he can’t understand why his girlfriend, Steph, has so much animosity towards a dying man. But she explains she heard David talking about cutting deals behind Stan’s back.

Stan accuses David of ‘cutting deals’ without him but David corrects him – he was talking about cutting deals as in pieces of wood for their building work. He suggests it might be best if he and David go their separate ways but Emma convinces them they can work together.