Tommy and Tina go to the Bistro for lunch, but their meal is interrupted when Gary arrives and presents Tina with her dad’s wedding ring, which he tracked down and bought in a pawn shop. Tina’s overjoyed while a seething Tommy angrily accuses Gary of having feelings for Tina.

When Carla suggests Peter should buy Leanne out of the bookies he tetchily insists he doesn’t have the money and she should mind her own business. Wanting to help, Carla goes to Leanne and offers to buy her half of the betting shop. Leanne drives a hard bargain until Carla agrees to pay over the odds. Leanne’s delighted but Peter’s furious.

Katy asks Ryan if he’s genuinely interested in her, but will he commit? Fiz forces a moping Chesney to buck up and get back to work, as he still has to provide for Joseph. But Fiz is furious when she hears the news about Katy and Ryan.

Also, Mary continues to fuss around Dev. He’s grateful, but suggests he tries to cope by himself for a while; Faye’s downcast when Tim leaves her home alone with a DVD so he can go for a pint with Jason.